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Perspex Kitchen Splashbacks

Perspex Kitchen Splashbacks

Black S361 rgb(12, 12, 12) black-s361
Blue S179 rgb(2, 94, 171) blue-s179
Blue T151 rgb(0, 128, 199) blue-t151
Green S394 rgb(1, 113, 77) green-s394
Green S924 rgb(158, 205, 101) green-s924
Green T276 rgb(2, 161, 97) green-t276
Green T387 rgb(72, 168, 68) green-t387
Grey T332 rgb(193, 194, 215) grey-t332
Orange T921 rgb(247, 143, 32) orange-t921
Red S368 rgb(241, 92, 36) red-s368
Red S831 rgb(198, 2, 112) red-s831
Red T461 rgb(191, 52, 31) red-t461
Red T927 rgb(239, 51, 39) red-t927
Violet S299 rgb(76, 29, 109) violet-s299
White S193 rgb(255, 255, 255) white-s193
Yellow S172 rgb(255, 230, 23) yellow-s172
Yellow T389 rgb(255, 212, 89) yellow-t389
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Perspex Basics

All of our products can be directly installed over your old tiles if required!

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