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  1. If this panel is part of a multi panel order, please label the panels in the templates A, B, C etc. in a left to right order
  2. Make all measurements in millimeters, not centimeters, meters, inches or feet.
  3. When entering the measurements into this diagram, please state the exact measurements that you wish the panel to be cut. Remember to deduct any allowances required for the expansion gaps as detailed in the measuring guide.
  4. Be sure to read the splashbacks measuring guide and installation guide.

Click on the image below to download the template.

L Shaped
L shaped template
Reverse L
Reverse L shaped template
Rectangle shaped template
T Shaped
T shaped template
U Shaped
U shaped template
W Shaped
W shaped template
L Shaped Example
L shaped example
Reverse L Example
Reverse L shaped example
Rectangle Example
Rectangle shaped example
T Shaped Example
T shaped example
U Shaped Example
U shaped example
W Shaped Example
W shaped example

Rauvisio Installation

For more information, please read the Rauvisio Crystal installation guide